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who are we?

what's th'E' difference?

Edge&Elegance Entertainment is a production house, working in the realms of new media, social media, video and television. 


What makes us different from other mainstream production companies is it’s multifaceted and new age approach to production. We are proficient in building and executing successful strategies for video integration across multiple platforms and can help you identify what will suit your needs and execute it within your budget. Or we can leave all that to you and simply bring together a team from our Edge&Elegance 'network' to bring your concept or idea for social, online or Television to life!


We specialize in the lifestyle, tourism and adventure industries, as well as bringing brands and partnerships together between Australia and the US.

Edge&Elegance founder, Amber Wyatt is a successful journalist and TV Host. She knows how to ‘sniff out a good story’ and also how to produce one. She believes that being newsworthy doesn’t just apply to mainstream media. It’s the backbone of every successful social media post, online video and next award wining TV series. It’s the ability to sniff out what the consumer wants and knowing how to produce it. 


With almost a decade of experience in newsrooms, production companies and even being responsible for bringing to life a travel series on an innovative social media app - Amber’s the go to person when it comes to knowing how to balance the ‘elegance’ of traditional media with the ‘edge’ of new age requirements. 




where are we?

Currently we're based in Los Angeles, California - the home of entertainment globally! However, over the years E&E has been fortunate to form strong partnerships around the world, in particularly Australia and the United States. Now our network includes partnerships with brands and talent in both these countries, meaning we can build a team on the ground or assist with overseas collaboration.

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